5 Great Mother’s Day Gifts Under $30

Shower Bursts $5.99
One of my favorite gifts to give the ladies in my life, shower bursts. If you enjoy the therapeutic nature of a bath, but take showers this is the answer. Shower bursts give you aromatherapy in the shower. They have essential oils that are released by the steam of the shower. Just place the shower burst out of the direct spray of the shower and when the shower heats up you’ll get the benefits of the essential oils that are released. Give mom the gift to relax, heal, refresh, and get clarity. Click here to shop Shower Bursts.

Makeup Removing Cloth $8.99
The makeup removing cloth is like magic. With just water this cloth removes makeup off your face. I have one and use it every single day. I attribute it to the reason I don't have acne anymore. With this cloth I can take off the make up and then wash my face and actually wash my face rather than just swirly makeup around. Love this cloth! Click here to shop it.

Yoga pants $24.99
What mom doesn’t wear yoga pants these days? Yoga pants are now more than just for doing yoga. They are a fashion trend and they are for every day wear as well. These SUPER soft greenish grey yoga pants are perfect for yoga and every day. A bonus that they are a great price. They come in small, medium, and large and can be bought here.

Handmade Faux Leather Earrings $10-$14
Faux leather earrings are all the rage right now. We have several different kinds. Pictured are the cork like faux leather aztec print earrings. Mom will love these! They are lightweight, fashionable, and a reasonable price. We also have 2'' solid colored tear drop earrings in pink, white, and denim. Then we have their smaller counter part in the same colors. The petite version are 1'' long. Click here to shop earrings.

“I love you more than bacon” sign $16.99

Nothing says I love you more than a sign that says "I love your more than bacon"! A classic black and white wooden box sign featuring a distressed "I Love You More Than Bacon" sentiment. Simply stated… bacon is phenomenal, but you mean even more than that to me. Easy to hang or can free-stand alone. 5'' wide and 4.5'' tall. Click here to shop this sign and more.

Lastly, I want to wish a Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there. Make sure you send your mom some love and cherish the time you have with her. ❤️️

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